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Most recent photo of Laura Edgar your seamstress and designer.  My other website is https://yourstripperoutfits.com


About Quantumbait28.com

Quantumbait28 is my (Laura Edgar) Instagram username.  Please follow me on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/quantumbait28/ to receive notifications of new designs.  I am the owner, developer, designer, and seamstress of my business and website.  I welcome your suggestions at yourstripperoutfits@yahoo.com.  I also am on Facebook at YourStripperOutfits Facebook and my wall at https://www.facebook.com/lori.edgar.7  

I have been making stripper outfits since I retired from dancing in 1989.  I danced for ten years.  I occasionally sell in Tampa at some of the clubs Mons Venus, Class Act, and more.  But the majority of my business is online here, Ebay, Etsy.  Please check out my great feedback at http://leatherandlacz.com my Etsy website whic is connected to all my Etsy feedback and the bulk of my sales there.

Products and Service Quality Guarantee



Your stripper outfits by the costume lady quality guarantee.  Custom made exotic dance-wear sexy stripper outfits

Your stripper outfits exotic dance-wear are both durable and feminine.   Authentic exotic dancewear is usually only available in the clubs and nowhere else.

Costume designers/seamstresses have been entering dressing rooms all over America to sell their products for as long as strip clubs have existed.   Now these authentic products are available to you online. Still all items are hand crafted and are made with only the best spandex fabrics money can buy. High prices?   You bet-cha

Please keep in mind these outfits are neither lingerie nor made in china. These outfits cost to create. Spandex prices have soared in america but at least we are keeping the money in America!


Read our stitching and quality guarantee in “refunds and returns” all the. The costume lady’s outfits come with a quality guarantee of which; if the outfit breaks we fix it…free.




We use acrylic & authentic stellar quality crystals.  Believe it or not some acrylic stones look better than authentic crystals.  It just depends on the quality of the crystal or how the acrylic stone is produced.  We here at Your Stripper Outfits do not use any dull stones what-so-ever.   Your stones will shine.  However if you prefer a high-quality expensive stone we understand and can accommodate your wishes just email us at:




We can special order your outfit with Swarovski quality stones but they will have to be special ordered and the cost of the outfit will be increased in proportion to the cost of your crystals.


Your Stripper Outfits uses the best glue money can buy to apply all our stones.  The Costume Lady says when she is doing an alteration and has to remove stones made buy her company they stick so well that she has to use pliers to remove stone.  THESE STONES WILL NOT FALL OFF unless abused.



 Check out my candid article on Spandex here

All our custom made stripper outfits are made of high quality Spandex.  Most outfits consist of 80% nylon, 20 % spandex 6oz per square yard, 4 way stretch spandex.  Sometimes we use 85% Nylon, 15% Spandex. Fabric Weight: 5 Oz/Sq Yard 2 way stretch.


Our net outfits are made of Mesh or Net fabric made up of 90% Nylon 10% Spandex net.   Fabric Weight:    2.8 Oz/per Sq. Yard, 79.3 Grams/Sq Yard, 108 Grams/Yard 2 Way (Lengthwise).  We can’t stand flimsy fabrics with no stretch memory.  Your outfits will always hold their stretch. (Unless abused by high heats, salt, or chlorine).


Our sparkly Glissenette sheer mesh fabric is made up of90% Nylon 10% Spandex Fabric Weight:    2.8 Oz/Sq. Yard, 79.3 Grams/Sq. Yard, 4 Way.


Whether it be power-mesh, power net, stretch lace, sparkle, or dull spandex all our outfits consist primarily of high quality spandex (excepting the obvious chains, stones, some furs, leathers, and vinyl).  If it’s not spandex it’s not authentic exotic dance-wear.  And if it’s not authentic exotic dance-wear then it’s not made professionally for professional dancers.


Yes yes yes we have all too often seen the oh-so-cute and still pudgy new dancers who shows up to work with her thong underwear and prettiest bra or nightie that she just purchased from Victoria’s Secret clutched in her hands..and hey we all had to start somewhere right?  However our fellow dancers (thank god) were quick to let us know; LINGERIE IS NOT AND NEVER WILL BE EXOTIC DANCE-WEAR AND IS TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE FOR ANY PROFESSIONAL DANCER TO WORK IN.  The difference?  Durability, longevity, fit, look, style, and most importantly the entertainers’ reputation is at stake.


The professional dancers (strippers) that we provide outfits for will not settle for micro-fiber or any other cheap pseudo-knit spandex wanna-be that the Chinese develop.  Lol!  Yes we take our fabric seriously and we respect the arts of pole dancing, stripping, lap-dancing & nude dancing, for what it is…professional and entertainment.   And yes guys nude dancers buy outfits too they have to have something to take off right ladies!


And so today we solute all strippers great and small black and white and every color in between because we accommodate and love all styles from the ghetto strip (where they do make their dubs in da clubs to the bright light night clubs serving prime rib and equipped with a heliport on property to fly in the most eligible.




All stitching is guaranteed for 6 months unless abused, put in the washer, dryer etc.  Please read our returns policy listed in the website menu for care instructions, and return & repair policies.


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